What to Wear In Dubai Desert Safari

Have you ever wondered what to wear on a Dubai desert safari? Imagine yourself cruising over sun-kissed rolling dunes in a thrilling 4×4 vehicle adventure. The Dubai desert safari offers travellers and tourists an epic experience riding shotgun over undulating sands.

Feel the wind in your hair as skilled drivers expertly manoeuvre towering dunes, then relax under starlit Arabian nights with delectable dining and cultural performances. From heart-racing dune bashing to camel rides, quad biking, and sandboarding desert safari excursions allow you to create unforgettable memories.

With changing terrain underfoot and shifting temperatures as the desert sun dips, dressing appropriately ensures comfort no matter the activity. Read on to learn insider tips from City Smart Adventure Tourism local experts on ideal clothing and footwear to elevate your Dubai desert safari experience.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Starting from AED 50/Per Person


Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Starting from AED 250/Per Person

overnight desert safari

What to Wear In Dubai Desert Safari:

Packing the right outfit is key to having an enjoyable time amidst the Arabian sands. We recommend wearing lightweight, loose, breathable fabrics that cover your skin to protect against the sun and heat.

T-shirts and light long-sleeve tops make great options on top to shield your shoulders and arms. Pair these with loose shorts, skirts, or pants on the bottom – you’ll want flowy bottoms that don’t cling in the heat. Don’t forget a hat or scarf to shade your face and neck as well.

As for footwear, sandals won’t properly support you on the dunes. Instead, opt for sturdy shoes with grip, like trainers or hiking shoes that will stay securely on your feet. We don’t recommend flimsy slip-on shoes that could easily slide off.

While open sports sandals could work for those wanting air on their feet, closed-toe shoes tend to perform better in desert terrain.

Following these clothing tips will keep you cool, comfortable, and safe for your desert safari day in the Dubai sun. With the proper outfit, you’ll be ready to enjoy taking in the awe-inspiring red sand vistas and dune-bashing thrills during the evening desert safari Dubai we have in store for you.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Starting from AED 120/Per Person

Desert Safari Outfit Male:

desert safari outfit male

For men, opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen when selecting your shirts, pants and footwear. Synthetic materials tend to get hot, causing sweatiness or chafing, so it’s best to avoid them. 

Bring a hat and sunglasses to protect against the intense desert sun. Sturdy sneakers or hiking shoes work well to navigate the desert terrain, just ensure they provide ankle support and have textured soles for good traction in the sand. 

Pack layers too – a thin sweatshirt or light jacket lets you adjust to dropping temperatures after sunset. Stash a scarf in your daypack too for protection against wind and dust. Avoid flashy jewellery or accessories that could get damaged. 

By dressing suitably for Dubai desert conditions in casual, earth-toned apparel, you’ll be outfitted for the safari ride of a lifetime. Don’t hesitate to inquire with your tour guide if you need any other recommendations.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai

Starting from AED 959/Per Person


Dune Buggy Ride Dubai

Starting from AED 600/Per Person


Desert Safari Outfit Female:

desert safari outfit female

As a female traveller, focus on loose, lightweight and modest attire that protects from the desert sun and sand. Flowy cotton tops or dresses allow airflow while providing coverage, and pair well with leggings or jeans.

Bring a scarf or shawl that can double as a headwrap for shielding your hair and neck. Sturdy, closed-toe walking shoes with textured soles give good traction on sandy terrain. Don’t forget sunglasses and a hat too.

It’s fine to accessorize a bit for photos, but avoid flashy jewellery that could get damaged, and skip the heels or wedges. Comfort is key. When going on an overnight desert safari, be sure to pack layers like a cardigan, jacket or blanket to stay warm, as the desert gets very cold after sunset. Neutral, earth-toned clothing blends best into the landscape.

By thoughtfully curating a flexible safari outfit, you’ll be ready to take in the Emirati desert’s natural beauty from dunes to stars in steady Dubai style. Check with your tour guide if you need any other dressing tips or recommendations.

Protecting Yourself from the Desert Elements:

Protecting yourself from the harsh desert elements is a top priority. The Arabian sun, heat, sand, and wind can quickly take a toll without proper safeguards.

Be sure to pack sun protection like hats, high SPF sunscreen, and lip balm. The desert sun is intensely hot and dry. Dressing in light layers allows you to adjust to temperature changes from blazing afternoon heat to cooler windswept dunes at night. Don’t forget protective eyewear as well – the glaring sunlight and blowing sand make sturdy sunglasses a necessity.

Proper footwear also shields you from the environment. Leave flimsy shoes behind – they can easily slip off in the soft, slippery sand. Opt instead for secure closed-toe shoes with sturdy soles to traverse the desert terrain. Sports sandals work in a pinch, but shoes provide better grip and protection.

Taking these precautions allows you to safely enjoy the magical desert vistas on your City Smart safari. The golden dunes and thrilling activities await! With the right preparations, you’ll return home with amazing memories rather than sunburn. Our guide has your comfort and well-being as our top priority.

Dressing Appropriately for Cultural Sensitivity:

The Dubai heat means lightweight and breathable clothes work best. Flowy dresses, loose pants, and shirts allow air to circulate while protecting your skin.

When visiting, we encourage attire that thoughtfully covers shoulders and knees out of appreciation for local cultural norms. Avoid overly tight, sheer, or revealing clothes. The local custom is to dress modestly.

Ladies, toss a scarf or pashmina shawl in your bag. You can use it to cover up more if needed, like when hopping on and off vehicles. It also doubles as a stylish accessory.

Join our fun overnight desert safari trip to make new friends from all over as you watch the sunset, sleep under the stars, and ride camels at dawn. Our guides handle everything so you can relax and enjoy this magical experience. Just contact us to book.

We keep things casual and respectful so everyone feels comfortable. The landscapes and activities make for amazing photos and memories to take home. Can’t wait to have you along.

Desert Camp Activities and Clothing Tips:

Dunes, sun, and adventure await visitors on a desert safari in Dubai. Once you arrive at the desert campsite, be prepared for exhilarating activities like dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle over rollercoaster sandy hills, sandboarding down dunes, and quad biking trails weaving through the desert.

Make sure to wear closed-toe athletic shoes with good traction to keep your footing on the shifting sands. Goggles and a bandana or face mask are also handy to protect your eyes and face from blowing sand when racing through rugged terrain.

As the hot desert sun beats down, loose, lightweight pants or harem pants allow airflow to keep you cool. Similarly, breathable shirts protect your skin from harsh rays. If participating in energetic exploits like quad biking or sandboarding, avoid flowing fabrics that could get caught.

Hats and headscarves shade your face and head. Sunglasses guard your eyes. In the evening, when the temperatures drop, bring along a sweater or light jacket.

For a comfortable desert safari ensuring you can fully take in the sights and activities, dress in layers and safeguard against the elements with athletic footwear, protective eye- and face-wear, weatherproof outerwear, and UV-blocking clothes. Prepare for both adventure and relaxation as you enjoy a magical desert camp experience.


What not to wear in the desert?

1) Tight-fitting clothing: It can cause discomfort and chafing in the heat.
2) Heavy fabrics: They trap heat and moisture, making you feel hotter.
3) Open-toed shoes: Sand and insects can easily get in.
4) Dark colours: They absorb heat, making you feel even warmer.

Can you wear jeans on safari?

It’s not recommended. Jeans are heavy and don’t breathe well, making them uncomfortable in hot, arid climates. Opt for lightweight, breathable clothing instead.

What colour not to wear on safari?

Black and other dark colours: As mentioned earlier, they absorb sunlight and heat, making you feel uncomfortably warm.

What do you wear on a camel ride in Dubai?

1) Lightweight, breathable clothing that covers your legs and shoulders: This protects you from the sun and dust while ensuring comfort during the ride.
2) Sunglasses and a hat: These are essential for protecting your eyes and face from the sun’s harsh rays.

Can l wear shorts on a desert safari?

Yes, you can wear shorts on a desert safari, but longer, lightweight pants are recommended for protection from the sun and warmth during cooler desert nights. Bring layers to adjust. Ultimately dress for comfort, while respecting local cultural norms.


When preparing for an exciting Dubai desert safari adventure, packing the right clothing ensures you can fully immerse yourself in the experience comfortably and safely. Here is a summary of what to wear:

• Breathable, lightweight fabrics allow airflow to keep you cool in the blazing desert sun. Loose-fitting pants, dresses, shirts, and layers are ideal.

• Sturdy, closed-toe athletic shoes with good traction provide stability for activities like dune bashing, quad biking, and sandboarding.

• Hats, headscarves, and sunglasses safeguard you from the intense sun and blowing sand. Face masks offer additional protection.

• Sweaters, jackets, or scarves ward off the chill when the evening temperatures drop at the desert camp.

• Respectful attire aligned with cultural norms enhances interactions with locals for a richer experience. Avoid revealing clothing. 

Preparing with UV-protective, weatherproof clothing enables you to take on all of the desert thrills in stride. Adventurous dune bashing and campsite meals under starry skies make for lasting memories.

With breathable, lightweight dresses or layered loose-fitting pants and shirts, grippy footwear, and protective accessories, you can dive fully into Dubai’s magical desert safari.

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Dressing comfortably for the desert conditions is key. Layers work best to adapt to the hot sun and surprisingly brisk nighttime winds. Breathable fabrics like cotton and linen allow ventilation, which is important when touring the sweeping dunes.

Broken-in sneakers or strap-on sandals are best for camel riding across sandy terrain. And remember sun protection in the form of hats, UV-blocking sunglasses, and regular sunscreen application to avoid burns.

We provide all needed headscarves, blankets, and amenities for a smooth desert tour. Join us to make unforgettable memories in the Dubai desert.

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