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Desert Safari Timings in Dubai

As a leading authority on desert safari timings in Dubai, we recognize not every traveller has the same vision or time constraints when embarking on these once-in-a-lifetime Arabian adventures.

Whether it’s rising with the morning sun over wind-rippled dunes or witnessing the moon blanket star-studded Saharan skies in an unforgettable overnight odyssey, we tailor the ideal duration for you. 

Our morning safaris whisk you away to remote panoramas on 5-hour tours while evening options last 8 magical hours, culminating under heavenly constellations. Love immersive multiday voyages? Behold breathtaking terrains across one epic 18-hour overnight journey. 

With our experienced guides versed in revealed secrets of the desert, unlock an idyllic custom getaway as unique as your footprint trails through these ethereal sandy vistas. Let us take the reins planning your picture-perfect timing to match your travel style down to every shimmering grain.

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Desert Safari Timings in Dubai

We understand you want to maximize every magical second from sunrise to sunset across the breathtaking dunes. That’s why we’ve handcrafted personalized 6-hour morning, 8-hour evening, and 18-hour overnights to match your schedule and interests.

Witness the awakening amber glow spread across the Arabian sands on early rides before enjoying traditional camel encounters and artifacts. Prefer sunset vistas or glittering skies sparkling with stars? Our evening options got you covered with camel selfies and barbecue feasts.

And for our overnight voyagers, we’ve carefully curated an epic moonlit journey fusing stargazing, henna tattoos and Emirati culinary delights you won’t find anywhere else. Review our signature timings below and let’s create lasting memories.

Desert Safari Dubai Opening Hours Pickup and Drop Off Time:

Tour Pickup Time Duration Key Attractions Drop Off Time
Morning Desert Safari 6AM – 7AM 5-6 hours Sunrise views, camel rides 11AM – 12PM
Evening Desert Safari 3:30PM – 4:30PM 7-8 hours Sunset vistas, dinner 10PM – 12AM
Overnight Desert Safari 2PM-3PM 18 hours Sunrise, sunset Next day

We get many questions from eager travellers about the best times to experience this iconic excursion into the striking red dunes. We’re happy to provide the full rundown of Desert Safari Dubai’s opening hours and popular timings to help you plan your sand-filled adventure.

Our tours depart in the late afternoon, usually between 3:30 and 4:30 PM, to catch the most stunning golden hour light during sunset among the dunes. This is the peak time to ride camels, sandboard, and snap iconic photos before the sun dips below the sandy horizon.

After sunset, we settle in at our Bedouin-style desert camp to enjoy a tasty barbeque dinner under the stars. The camp stays open into the night with lively music and entertainment, including a mesmerizing Tanoura dance show. Most guests stay to stargaze and relax by the fire before heading back around 9-10 PM.

For early risers, we also offer morning desert safaris that take off at 6:30 AM to see the dunes bathed in beautiful sunrise light. It’s a tranquil experience that includes dune bashing, breakfast, camel rides, and returns by noon.

Private and overnight desert safari packages are also available at flexible times to accommodate your ideal desert experience. Just chat with our knowledgeable staff about customizing the perfect timings for your tour into the Dubai sandscapes.

Let us know when you’re thinking of visiting and we’ll provide details to match our desert safari Dubai opening hours to your schedule. The dunes await.

Choosing Your Ideal Timing

Consider which landscapes inspire you, as the amber hues of sunrise elicit different awes than the purple twilight skies. Schedule around our Falcon Meet-and-Greet at dusk or henna tattooing under the stars. Budget extra time for camel selfies.

Safety is also paramount, so wear secured shoes, long sleeves, and scarves while avoiding risky photo positions. Follow leave-no-trace principles when enjoying Bedouin camp meals. Our guides strive to reveal the nuances of Emirati culture respectfully.

Read our detailed blog on what to wear on desert safari for recommendations on ideal outfits to pack for your Dubai desert adventure, etiquette practices, provided amenities, and must-see spectacles during your bespoke adventure timing – whether basking in a glowing 5-hour sunrise or an action-packed 18-hour overnighter.

Extending Your Dubai Vacation:

Extending your Dubai holiday beyond desert excursions opens up a wealth of urban attractions. Visitors can take in a dazzling performance at the Dubai Opera or admire the glittering skyline from the Burj Khalifa, the world’s highest observation deck.

Lose yourself bartering for spices and gold in the atmospheric souks, or avail of modern luxury shopping at the sprawling Dubai Mall.

Optimal clothing for desert safari adventures balances comfort, airflow, and protection. Loose lightweight trousers and jeans shield skin from irritation. Breathable blouses, shirts and hats provide cooling airflow and shade from the sun.

Proper footwear like trainers or sandals prevents slipping on the undulating dunes. Bring layers to stay warm when the desert temperatures drop at night. Avoid tight outfits that chafe and accessories that may fall off during dune bashing. Following these simple tips allows you to comfortably experience the thrills of desert landscapes.


What time desert safari start?

Desert safaris typically start in the late afternoon, around 3 or 4 pm. This allows you to experience sunset in the desert.

How long does the Dubai desert safari last?

A standard Dubai desert safari lasts 5-6 hours, taking you from late afternoon until after dark.

Is Desert Safari in Dubai day or night?

Dubai desert safaris take place during both daytime and nighttime hours. You’ll get to see the desert sands both in sunlight and under the stars. Most tours are evening safaris.

Booking Your Dubai Desert Safari Tour

When booking your thrilling Dubai desert safari adventure, choose City Smart Adventure Tourism – the leading tour operator since 2005. With over 15 years of experience crafting exceptional Arabian sands excursions, our seasoned guides skillfully navigate the famous dunes while customizing add-ons like quad biking, camel rides, sandboarding and more to match your interests.

As pioneers in desert safari packages, City Smart offers unparalleled service, rave client reviews, personalized attention and world-class amenities. Ready to ride the giant red dunes as the setting sun casts a golden glow? With just a few clicks, our secure booking system locks in your customized Dubai desert escape.

Plan Your Epic Dubai Desert Adventure Around Our Timings

And there you have it, We’ve covered all you need to know about timing, attire, and booking for an epic Dubai desert safari adventure.

We hope this breakdown makes planning your once-in-a-lifetime getaway smooth sailing. Whether you pick a sunrise, sunset, or overnight voyage across the iconic dunes with City Smart Tours, your Arabian memories will last a lifetime.

To quickly recap – choose between 5, 6 and 18-hour tours to match your interests. Dress for comfort and wear safe, closed-toe shoes. Book with our top-rated tour company City Smart, pioneers in crafting unique safari experiences tailored to you since 2005.

Any other questions, hit us up! We’re always glad to share insider tips so your magical journey exceeds every expectation. Let’s create awe-inspiring moments you’ll treasure forever with your closest companions.

Ready to ride? Then let’s do this. Click the Contact Us button and we’ll save you a front-row camel seat as we travel back centuries together.

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