Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight desert safari Dubai is an awesome trip as it is consist of all in one desert safaris.This Amazing trip has the features of advance desert safari, evening desert safari, and Morning desert safari with a bonus to spend a romantic night under the stars. Overnight Desert Safari is a nostalgic night spent by having fun in a desert with your loved ones. Chatting there around the bonfire, while smoking Sheesha is like a fantasy of being part of Indiana Jones.
Luxury overnight desert safari Dubai is a unique tryout, for those who never experienced sleeping underneath the sparkling stars, especially in the desert. Unquestionably it is a romantic night for individuals who are enthusiast to gaze upon a mighty sky with full of sparkling stars, while away from the artificial city beams. Overnight Desert Safari Dubai is a perfect escape option from a busy life of the Dubai City, into the solitude of an ancient desert experience, going back in times, while feeling like a complete Bedouin, chatting with those special ones at the peak of the night around bonfire, sleeping in the tent on traditional Bedouin carpet, mattress and pillows, having lamp on your side will definitely take you to a beautiful world of serenity under the clear black sky with shimmering stars.

Desert Safari Hightlights

When you make it to the desert you will be surprised, and welcome by tons of sand dunes, however you must prepare and buckle up, for the most exciting activity of the desert safari which is called Dune Bashing. It’s not finished here as overnight desert safari is filled with many other exciting activities. Such as; Sandboarding, Camel riding, Henna tattoo, having the falcon on your arm or shoulder, while taking plenty of unforgettable photos of your desert safari experience.
There is no compulsory number of people for this package; however one person is even able to book this unforgettable tour. Although the best is if you could be a group of six friends or family in which you will get a complete 4×4 Land cruiser for your group and won’t need to share it with other guests.
After finishing the outdoor activities of Overnight Desert Safari, finally you will enter and be amazed in the Middle Eastern themed Arabian Bedouin camp. The Bedouin or Bedu is an Arabic word used for a person or people living a nomadic lifestyle, in the desert region of Middle East and North Africa, in addition they used to live in the desert using only tents as their pavilion while camels as their transportation. Their livestock were Goats while their hobbies were falcons and the Arabian horses, whereas the spirit of this Overnight desert safari is just pretending, entertaining and enjoying like the way those Bedouins used to live, moreover Overnight Desert Safari is the only way to know the Middle Eastern Bedouin culture, especially its taste and delicacy in real.

Bedouin Desert Camp

The classic Traditional campsite awaits you in the desert for one whole heartedly traditional welcome. Arabian Coffee and tea will be presented to refresh your mood, and soft drinks with different kinds of juices to quench your thirst. Additionally the splendid eve occupied in many ethnic events such as camel ride, Hookah and henna.
We offer one of the best overnight desert safari dubai deals, by not only showing the ancient side of the Middle Eastern way of living, however this never ending fun trip is filled with many exotic events, following Quad biking, horse riding, falcon demonstrations, and Arabic costumes for photography.
When done with electrifying activities, also take a glance at the charming indeed magical desert sunset before the nightfall. After that mesmerizing scene relax yourself on the Bedouin-style Carpets. While rejoicing yourself with the amazing exceptional live shows of Belly Dance, Tanoura Dance and Fire Show.
A religious Sufi dance inherited from Egypt called Tanoura, adds additional beauty to the evening, along with sparkling erotic Belly Dance, drunks you excessively in this romantic night at the heart of the desert, far from the city and its noises, indeed more enjoyable with little more of magical fire show, as it is played step by step differently and shockingly with the rhythm of heart pounding music.
Additionally the International buffet is served with many types of delicacies in this Luxury Overnight Desert Safari Dubai. Finally end your night at the Dubai overnight Desert Safari Camp by gazing the clear sky filled with millions of glittering stars, which is a kind of feeling that goes beyond portrayal.

Wrapping The Overnight Desert Safari Tour

Last but not the least is we will take care of all your needs to spend a comfortable night in the desert, by providing sleeping bags, pillows, sheets and blankets, with availability of hygiene bathrooms and all the requiring amenities at our desert safari camp.
After the magical night under the stars in the desert, Observing the horizon opening it’s glorifying gates to the majestic sun for outshining the vast desert, is a whole new enriching and fulfilling experience altogether. You can enjoy this early refreshing morning atmosphere in the desert, along with stunning sunrise. While we will welcome you with scrumptious continental breakfast, which you can choose to eat inside the tent or order it outside of the camp in the desert, sitting on the sand enjoying every bite of delicacy.
The tour does not only offer an overnight desert safari however it’s giving a bonus of the morning desert safari as well.
Pack yourself and wrap your memories, and enjoy the ride back to your hotel or residence from where you were picked, and that will be the end to this extraordinary tour.

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Overnight Desert Safari Deals

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*Kids Upto 3 Years are Free

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