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The enchanting Hatta is the exclave of Dubai that is border with Oman; the beautiful town of Hatta is surrounded by the majestic black Hajar Hatta Mountain, this part of the region of Dubai is full of captivating scenery that offers natural beauty on every step you take.

Hatta is a kind of rural area unlike the other contemporary big cities of UAE, it’s about one and half hour drive away from Dubai, a unique destination for escaping from bustling life of Dubai and its noises, to relax in a country-side with its gigantic rocky mountains and calm dark green dam, and clear weather close to nature.

The mesmerizing Hatta is best visiting spot during winter, for its hiking and biking, while in summer times afternoon kayaking represents fascinating feelings of a fairytale, mostly people take a day tour in Hatta but for those who can afford a weekend and  two nights are most recommended, to enjoy every bit of this beautiful journey.

Why Hatta is so famous

The mesmerizing Hatta is a hill station, with a Hatta dam on the top of the hill station, it has many unbelievable spots to do various excursions and tourism-related activities, such as; Kayaking, speed boat, hiking, and biking.

You will be able to see the nostalgic scenes of Hatta Dam where various activities are presented for the visitors, kayaking is one of the top activities in visitor’s list, for which they pay 60 AED per person for an unlimited duration of time.

To do things in Hatta

If you are a bike person and like to get lost in the scenic beauty of nature away from the city life, then its brilliant place with beautiful landscapes to go on mountain biking, rent a bike, and get hiking on the Hatta bike trails. There are many bike rental shops available at your convenience.

There is so much to do while in the theme park, from Formula 1 racing car to the water slides, and hydro magnetic tornado water rafting ride or surfing on artificial world’s largest wave sheet, Yas Island is filled with unlimited activities, taking the complete Abu Dhabi City Tour and Ferrari world will approximately take 10 hours duration.
And finally, after this unfinished exploring of the mega city, we will drop you back at your Hotel or residence.

Mountain hiking, biking and kayaking.

  • Hatta dam Kayaking costs 60 AED per person, while it cost 150 AED for two people to join together, however wehave another package which is calledHatta Mountain do it all, that is consist of 3 activities in one package, which cost 130 AED per person, and it offers 6 Km hiking, 6 Km biking,and unlimited time of kayaking.

Along with Hatta Dam Kayak there are many other activities in Hatta dam such as Hatta dam boating, and Hatta dam table boating etc…

Hiking to Hatta Sign

  • First package is hiking to Hatta sign, its cost is 60 AED with 5 km of hiking, and its level is hard.
  • Second package is called Hatta sign do it all, that is consist of hiking 5 km to hatta sign, with biking and unlimited time of kayaking.

Farm Hiking

  • The Hatta farm hiking is a 3 km trail through beautiful farms of Hatta to Heritage village and oldest mosque in Hatta, which cost 50 AED per person,
  • Farm do it all is second option which is again consist of activities of biking 8 km through Hatta farms up tohattawadi hub, which cost 130 AED per person.

Hatta Wadi Hub

Hatta wadi hub offers a wide range of experiences which makes it a perfect escape for adventurous activities, Go downhill carting on a mountain cart, and experience the adrenaline rush in your moods.                       

Stretch you limit & challenge yourself at the human slingshot. Adventure junkies can also try the free fall jumps while trying the twin zip lining at the highest altitudes gives you thrilling experience at fast speed. Go rolling downhill inside an orb & Enjoy the fun of aqua zorbing like the adventurous Jackie Chan in the operation condor.

Where to stay for a night in Hatta?

Hatta is also home to the UAE’s first trailer hotel and by far its one of the first in the region as well, book for this unique stay in Sedr Trailers resort by the banks of the dam surrounding by majestic black Hajjar mountains,  that will make your journey an epic and a captivating night of your lifetime.

Each trailer has its own unique terrace, which has access to fire pit & barbeque facilities; you will enjoy the uninterrupted views of the hatta water dam and hatta mountain safari in Hajjar Rocky Mountains.

If you are not a trailer person, will we have news for you, is that you can enjoy an idyllic mountain lodge at Damani lodges Resort as well. The lodge features cozy purpose-built cabins, and they are fully equipped with all facilities to stay, additionally, the moment you step out of your lodgings you will find yourself right back in the nature hora. 

Hatta Tour is one of the best memorable trips you can add in your everlasting travel memories of your life, where you can enjoy adventure, culture and picturesque landscape all at once. 

Hatta Tour Packages

Standard Package

Now AED 120

*per person

*Kids Upto 3 Years are Free

Premium Package

Now AED 200

*per person

*Kids Upto 3 Years are Free

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