Desert Safari Dubai | UAE Best Desert Safari Deals 2023

City Smart Adventure Tourism is Dubai’s premier destination for thrilling UAE safari experiences. As a best desert safari company in Dubai, we offer unmatched desert safari Dubai deals and services to satisfy your inner explorer. Our expert guides lead well-equipped and safe tour vehicles like Land Cruisers into the mesmerizing desert landscapes, allowing you to discover the beauty of the Arabian desert up close.

Our desert safari offers allow you to witness the shifting colors of the dunes with a scenic photoshoot, sandboarding, overnight camping, vibrant cultural shows, henna art, belly dancing, and much more. With City Smart Adventure Tourism, you are guaranteed a memorable desert adventure tailored to your interests. As a top tourism company, we ensure your desert safari tour in Dubai is the highlight of your trip.

Craft Your Best Desert Safari Dubai Adventure:

Our ultimate aim is to turn your every single moment into a beautiful memory. We are a tourism company in Dubai that is breaking all the barriers by uniting people from diverse cultures in our tours. Our mission is to craft the best desert safari UAE tours for our visitors that they can cherish forever. As your trusted travel partner, we commit to providing safety and security to travelers, whether residents or new visitors. Our team dedicates itself day and night to providing satisfactory and stress-free travel experiences to our customers with expert guidance. Our company also offers personalized travel experiences for couples and families that stay with them for a lifetime.

Experience Arabian Bedouin Culture:

Dubai, the city of wonders renowned as a business hub with iconic skyscrapers, entertainment, cultural diversity, and luxurious places to shop and live, makes its Desert adventure what gives it more specialty. Southeastern coast is home to the Dubai desert. It is an irresistible destination to enjoy peace, away from the hustle of daily life. The sand dunes of gold and an exciting camel ride make it a royal desert where you have so much to explore.

UAE desert safari tour is the source of a tourist attraction these days because it provides a blend of nature, adventure, and culture making it one of the best tourist spots in Dubai. From the quad bike, an amazing desert camp and magical sunset to belly dance, exceptional deals make it the best desert safari in UAE. Desert safaris in Dubai for the family is a must-go-to-place because it has so much to offer other than amazing views of morning and evening deserts. It’s the revival of traditional Emirates culture with so much UAE desert fun and adventure.

Dubai Desert Safari Packages


Dh50 | $13 per person

By a Luxury Bus from eight centralized locations in Dubai and Sharjah.
Dune Bashing At High Dunes:
15 Minutes Adventurous Ride
Sunset Photography
Unlimited Water and Soft Drinks
Short Camel Ride
Henna Hand Painting
Arabic Costumes For Pictures
Arabic Shisha
Welcome Tea and Coffee
7+ Live Shows:
Belly Dance, Tanura, and Fire Shows
Unlimited BBQ Buffet Dinner:
15+ Items Veg & Non-Veg


Dh99 | $27 per person

In a SUV/Land Cruiser anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah.
Dune Bashing At Red Dunes:
30-minute Adventurous Ride
Sunset Photography
Unlimited Water and Soft Drinks
Short Camel Ride
Henna Hand Painting
Arabic Costumes For Pictures
Arabic Shisha
Welcome Tea and Coffee
7+ Live Shows:
Belly Dance, Tanura, and Fire Shows
Unlimited BBQ Buffet Dinner:
15+ Items Veg & Non-Veg


Dh250 | $68 per person

In a SUV/Land Cruiser anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah.
Quadbike Ride For 30 Minutes*
Dune Bashing At Red Dunes:
30-minute Adventurous Ride
Sunset Photography
Unlimited Water and Soft Drinks
Long Camel Ride
Henna Hand Painting
Arabic Costumes For Pictures
Arabic Shisha
Welcome Tea and Coffee
7+ Live Shows:
Belly Dance, Tanura, and Fire Shows
Unlimited BBQ Buffet Dinner:
15+ Items Veg & Non-Veg

Activities Dubai Desert Safari Offers:

Dubai is famous for its unique landscape but what makes Dubai more special are the red sand deserts that captivate a lot of attention from the tourists. Here is the list of activities which you can enjoy on your trip to desert:

Dune Bashing:

If you’re an adventurous person then Dune bashing is your thing. It is one of the most highlighted, thrilling, and enjoyable activities on a desert safari, and all the tourism companies include Dune bashing in their packages. Sand dunes on safari deserts are huge, and it takes around 30 to 35 minutes to reach your destination on a jeep desert safari in Dubai. During the journey, you will experience exciting but heart-pumping road twists and fast-paced but ever-changing turns which gives great adventure to the people and makes it more attractive for the tourists.

The vehicles we provide work perfectly in the challenging sandy desert. To ensure the safety of the people, experienced and skilled drivers operate these cars. These include ; Land Rover, Jeep ,Range Rover ,Quad Bike, Land Cruiser, and more. All of the vehicles mentioned above work perfectly in the desert especially for the dune bashing, because of their engine’s strength and the exterior structure of the car to cope with sand dunes.

Quad Bike:

After Dune Bashing, you can go for Quad Biking. It is one of the most exciting and adventurous outdoor activities. Unlike 2 wheel bikes, the Quad bike has four wheels which is specifically designed to give you the thrilling and adventurous experience of your life.  Our guide properly provides you with safety instructions along with a helmet and goggles to make your Quad bike adventure safe, comfortable, and memorable.

Quad Bike in the desert safari is one of the best options to enjoy the adrenaline-pumping ride and exciting desert views and sand twists. It is also suitable for beginners and experienced people, except for those women who are pregnant or have any other medical severe condition.


Have you ever heard about Sandboarding? If not, then you must have heard about snowboarding. Both of these thrilling activities are almost the same, the only difference is that Sandboarding is on sand, and snowboarding is on the slopes that are covered with snow. Sandboarding requires a proper technique, where to place your feet and body weight, and how to balance the board while climbing on the top.

During your sandboarding experience in desert trip Dubai, the instructor will guide you about all the safety measures you need to take, before starting your Sandboarding adventure. It is one of the best options for beginners to explore their hidden skills.

Dune Buggy Ride:

Dune Buggy ride is one of the most thrilling adventures. It is an off-road adventure which lasts from 01 to 02 hours.

Henna Painting:

The safaris in Dubai is not only famous for its thrilling experience but Emirati cultural practices as well. People from all over the world come and enjoy getting henna tattoos on their hands, feet, arms, etc, and the concept of henna tattoo was derived a long time ago as a symbol of good luck, but in modern times we use it as a beauty accessory.

Henna artists are skilled in creating beautiful designs on the skin. These tattoos are temporary and fade away after some time, especially when you wash the specific part of your body where you have designed. Henna artists also provide you with a customization option, where you can get the henna tattoo of your choice.

Belly Dance:

Belly dance is the revival of North Africa and Middle Eastern culture which provides a mesmerizing experience to tourists. These are skilled belly dancers who captivate your attention with their torso and hip moments. These belly dancers perform at night, usually in the camp. They also encourage the visitors to participate in the dance performance and enjoy their stay at the desert camp.

Tanoura Dance:

Tanoura dancers wear long, vibrantly colored skirts with LED lights to create a stunning visual effect. This Sufi dance is known as Tanoura. Spinning in a circular motion to Middle Eastern music, Tanoura dancers beautifully display their long, colorful skirts. This dance is often associated with spirituality and divinity. Tanura show provides cultural insight into the Middle East while making your stay in the desert safari at Dubai more memorable.

BBQ Dinner with Shisha:

After exploring and enjoying the thrilling and adventurous activities the whole day, they serve you their delicious BBQ dinner along with their Middle Eastern dishes, coffee, and sweets. Understanding the diversity of desert adventure Dubai, the operators offer you veg and nonveg food options as well. After your meal, they also serve you Hookah in different flavors like mint, blended fruits, apple, etc. So, you can choose the flavor you prefer the most to relax and enjoy the starry night in the Arabian desert safari.

Note – If you’re planning to visit Desert Safari Tours Dubai during the month of Ramadan, then Alcohol will not be served.

Fire Shows:

Desert Fire Show involves a performer who is skilled at playing with fire rings, swords, and props. The fire show starts at night under the sky with illuminating flames which are surrounded by the deep and dark desert. The fire performers are highly skilled people who take safety precautions to ensure that the performance is entertaining, captivating, and secure.

Explore Our Multiple Dubai Safari Deals:

We’ve crafted a variety of options for our safari visitors, allowing them to handpick the perfect experience that aligns seamlessly with their preferences, including the option to choose from the cheapest desert safari deals in Dubai.

Morning Desert Safari:

In the morning, the desert excursion looks so peaceful and calm. The rays of the rising sun on sand dunes look like the desert is filled with gold raindrops making it a perfect time for a photoshoot. Visiting the desert in the morning is the best idea for those people who wake up early in the morning and love to witness the serenity, morning glow, and soft daylight in the desert. In the short period of morning time, there are plenty of activities that are more enjoyable because of the cool temperature in the morning. Desert tour food makes your visit more memorable. Imagine yourself witnessing the morning serenity with the soothing wind sound and the traditional cuisine of Arabia with the traces of wildlife.

Isn’t it amazing? If yes, then allow yourself to experience the beauty of the sand dune safari while unlocking the morning adventure.

Evening Desert Safari:

You can witness the transition of an evening into a starry night on a safari through the desert, and it looks magical. In the evening desert safari, the vibrant sky and the golden hour in the desert make it an ideal time to click your pictures. The desert in the evening time is cooler and the visitors enjoy their time outdoors in the desert with BBQ dinner and belly dance. Not only this, various other activities heighten the thrill after the sun sets which include quad bike, sandboarding, as well as dune bashing for half an hour.

The cultural thrill in the evening makes it a more unforgettable and best desert experience in Dubai; where you can explore diverse cultural activities like Shisha smoking, belly dancing which is banned in the Holy month of Ramadan, henna painting, traditional music, camping, fire show, and entertainment. The dinner buffet in the evening in the desert has its own significance because it revives the heritage of Cultural tourism. At dinner time, you can enjoy different international dishes without any additional charges.

Important Note – In the safari, pregnant women, children below age three, and people with severe medical issues are not recommended to perform the activities that are mentioned above. Yet, amidst their visit, they have the chance to immerse themselves in the distinctive charm of our Al Aweer Desert Camp while indulging in a myriad of other enjoyable activities.

Overnight Desert Safari:

Who doesn’t love to spend the night under the starry sky, and wake up into the cool breeze and gold sand?  We are offering amazing deals on desert safari Dubai to make sure you have comfortable bedding which includes pillows, mattresses, and blankets, with the washroom, and shower facility to make your stay a remarkable night. You can enjoy an overnight trip to the desert alone or with your partner. We offer a distinctive sand safari camp tailored just for you, featuring deluxe rooms and private tents. Enjoy our delicious breakfast and tea or coffee in the morning as part of our exclusive desert safari Dubai booking offers

The thrill of an overnight desert safari doesn’t end with star gazing, camping, and food. There are various other fun activities that make spending the night in the desert even more attractive. It includes; Tanoura dance, belly dance and star gazing etc. Spending an overnight at the desert is a wholesome experience with a lot of entertainment, adventure, romance, food, multiple activities, Arabian tradition, and the beauty of nature.

Private Overnight:

Private desert safari is a premium experience that is tailored according to your preferences as well as needs to ensure that you are enjoying your private stay. In our private package, we are also offering a private 4 x 4 vehicle with a full-time driver as well as your guide who will allow you to explore the Dubai desert safari on your own. The activities that will be customized according to your preferences will be set according to the time of your choice. During the private stay at the desert, you will be provided your separate camp far away from the crowd with a personal chef who prepares the meals of your choice. Privacy and comfort are our biggest concerns and we aim to provide cheap desert safari in Dubai with all the luxuries whether you’re a family, couple, or a group.

There are more options for you. If you skip dune bashing and head directly towards Al Aweer desert camp. Dinner at the safari is the best option for you. It provides you with a delightful experience where you can enjoy delicious Middle Eastern meals. You also get an opportunity to relax under the beautiful starry night. The dinner buffet offers a variety of main courses whether it’s veg or nonveg, appetizers, or something sweet, but the star of the dinner is the desert safari BBQ. It is recommended for children, pregnant women, and people with any type of disability like back or heart problems. Secure your desert safari Dubai online bookings now and relish a customized desert experience.

Dune Buggy Ride:

A dune buggy is one of the very popular and thrilling activities for tourists. It is an off-road adventure, open-air vehicle that is specifically designed for sandy places like deserts, dunes, and beaches. During dune buggy safari, the riders are instructed about their safety and are provided with helmets and goggles. Timing for the dune buggy ride varies from 1 to 2 hours, and you can also select the time from morning and evening when you want to enjoy your ride.

Arabian Night Dubai Safari:

Arabian night is one of the finest destinations for a tour whether it’s a personal or a business trip. It offers multiple facilities whether it’s luxurious cars, morning or evening desert stays, customized reservations, traditional dhow, coaches, or Quad bikes. Our dedicated team works day and night to provide you with the smoothest and best possible experience of a lifetime.

Desert Safari Dubai Pickup Locations


  • Day to Day opposite Deira City Center
  • Lulu Hypermarket Behind Mall of Emirates
  • Spinneys Next to Burjuman Center
  • Dragon Mart, Ibis Styles Dubai Dragon Mart Hotel


  • Mega Mall Near Immigration Center
  • City Center Al Wahda Road
  • Sahara Center Near Ramada Hotel
  • Big Nesto Super Market Muweilah

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Hatta Tour Dubai

Dh100 | $28 PER PERSON

Escape the city and venture into the Hajar Mountains on an adventurous full-day Hatta tour from Dubai. Discover the Hatta Hill Park, Hatta Dam, and other scenic spots on this must-do excursion.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

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Experience the highlights of the UAE capital on a fascinating Abu Dhabi city tour. Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, drive along the spectacular Corniche, and gain insight into Emirati culture and heritage.

Dubai City Tour

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Wildlife in Dubai Desert Conservative Reserve:

DDCR which is also known as Dubai Desert Conservative Reserve is a protected area where unique plants and animals are kept safe near Dubai. This place has so much to offer to tourists which includes beautiful landscapes, and fun activities like camel riding, dune bashing, and long walks. You can also witness wildlife like dune bashing, Dubai eagle and Falcon, etc.

Desert conservative reserve aims to serve educational purposes for visitors about the ecosystem and its sensitivity, and how we can preserve wildlife. Desert Conservative Reserve (DDCR) presents the cultural insight of Dubai while providing wildlife and environmental awareness to the visitors to preserve the natural habitat. DDCR is recommended for those visitors who want to explore nature and wildlife. This beautiful desert is a perfect photography spot for animal lovers.


Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Desert Safari Operator in Dubai:

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while considering safari in Dubai for yourself. Dubai is a diverse city that has something amazing to offer to everyone. Explore the budget, time, and activities different deserts of Dubai have to offer to the tourists and decide accordingly.

If you are ready to spend extra money to make your tour lavish then pick from the luxury desert safaris that offer traditional cuisine, clean sand, and beautiful resorts for you to stay in. But, if you want to choose the pocket-friendly option, then explore cheap desert safari in Dubai and the thrilling activities they offer like quad biking, dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, etc which are safe as well as affordable.

Please confirm the exact date, time, number of people, and spot for the trip, then choose the safari offers that perfectly fits your plan or you can also get your Safari plan at Dubai desert tailored according to your preferences.

Best Outfit for Desert Safari:

After booking your trip to the Dubai desert safari, you must be wondering what you should pack to wear on the trip. Well, no worries! We are here to provide you with a complete guide on Dubai desert safari outfit to wear on your trip according to the weather, photoshoot, safety, and comfort.

Lightweight Fabrics are your desert go-to choice.

Planning your trip to Safari? Fill your luggage with lightweight, breathable linen or cotton fabrics. Dubai weather is usually hot, depending on the month you decide to visit but even in the month like November we can still expect the weather to reach 28 to 30 °C.

  • Full Sleeves Outfit:

Wearing a full-sleeved outfit with pants or trousers is the best choice as it will keep you protected from the direct sun rays, and you won’t be bathing in your sweat. The full-sleeved shirts are the most suitable option according to the female desert safari outfit.

  • Hoodie:

If you’re planning to visit the desert in the evening or morning time then never forget to bring your poncho or hoodie along with you. The desert temperature fluctuates according to the time. For example; In the daytime, the desert temperature rises a lot, and in the morning and evening time, the desert temperature falls.

  • Trousers:

A lot of  people prefer to wear shorts on the desert safari, but it is not the most convenient option, because the Dubai desert is a sandy place. There are various activities in the desert including sandboarding where the chances are that you will get sand all over your body. It makes trousers the perfect fit to wear in the desert.

  • Sunscreen:

When packing your luggage for the trip to desert safari. Do not forget a good quality SPF to protect yourself from sunburn.

  • Shawl, Hat, and Sunglasses:

Hat, Shawl, and sunglasses can help you to protect yourself from the sun especially when you’re dune bashing. In the morning and evening time, these accessories are not required much but in the daytime, they are.

  • Comfortable Footwear:

In the desert safari Dubai, you need comfortable footwear because you will walk a lot. Pack the most comfortable pair of shoes, so that sand doesn’t go inside your shoes and make your trip feel uncomfortable. If you do not have sneakers then you can also go for boots as well. Now you have a perfect guide for your outfit.

Desert Safari Safety Precautions:

  • There are two categories of Dubai desert safari trips ( Morning and Evening), you can choose between these two according to your availability and the activities you want to enjoy.
  • You can also include some add-on activities of your choice if you want.
  • Most important thing when visiting the desert is staying hydrated constantly. It is very important to stay active and avoid dizziness, heat stroke, etc.
  • Other than that, taking out insurance is also a wise choice, especially if you’re going for adventurous activities like sandboarding, dune bashing, and camel riding where you have chances to get any kind of injury.
  • Insurance helps you to save your money because health care in Dubai is also very costly.
  • We also recommend you wear full-sleeved light clothes with trousers and also bring medicine along with you in case of dizziness, vomiting, or an upset stomach.
  • You can also choose to go alone for your desert adventure. You will be free to do whatever you want and walk at your own pace in the desert.
  • Activities are limited when you visit Safari Dubai Desert alone, and there are some security risks as well.
  • If you’re traveling with a group then you can enjoy more activities, and make friends but traveling with the group means you are depending on the group, doing the activities they do, walking at the pace, the group walks, etc.
  • Dune bashing is not a good practice for Pregnant Ladies & heart patients.
  • Please eat light food before the safari trip to avoid motion sickness.
  • Those who want to skip the dune bashing (drive in the desert) can be dropped off at the camp directly.
  • No Smoking Inside the Desert Safari Vehicles. Always listen to your tour guide.
  • Please avoid wearing tight body clothes and colored fabric clothes. Wear light fabric clothes like cotton or linen.
  • Apply sunblock to your face and arms.
  • Keep accessories with you like deodorants, wipes, a hat, lip balm, and a soundproof bag.
  • In the winter season, the temperature drops in the evening and is a little bit cold, better to bring a jacket and sweater along with you.

Recommendations When Visiting with Children:

First of all, it is safe to plan a trip to the Desert Safari in Dubai with your kids. There are plenty of safe activities which your kid is gonna enjoy. However, the kids who are too young between the ages of 03 to 11 years old must travel with an adult especially during adventurous activities like dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding etc to ensure their safety.

  • We would recommend you to visit the desert in a private car which has a specific seat for your kid.
  •  Avoid activities like Camel riding, Sandboarding, and Dune bashing with kids, because there are chances for injury and vomiting.
  • Enjoy activities like playing with the sand, enjoying delicious Middle Eastern food, taking pictures, getting a henna tattoo, and enjoying live performances with your kids.

Protect Your Personal Belongings at Desert Safari Tour:

Visiting a desert is exciting, thrilling, and fun but you need to take extra care of your belongings like your Camera and Smartphones, etc because during camel rides, dune bashing, and various other activities chances are, your electronic devices suffer from deep scratches.

But, no worries:

To not suffer from the damage, you can avoid it by taking extra care of your electronic devices by placing them in the backpack with extra care. Cover your camera and mobile phone in airtight plastic bags to enjoy your trip stress-free.

Desert Safari Dubai Pictures

Why Choose Us ? The Best Desert Safari Tour Company in Dubai

Looking for the best possible adventure in Dubai?

City Smart Adventure Tourism has a team of experts who prioritize customer satisfaction above all. We strive to fulfill, excite, and bring happiness to our visitors through our desert safari services. The thrilling activities we offer create unforgettable moments.  We have designed our packages by keeping each and every individual in our mind whether it’s a family, couple, pregnant woman, disabled person, child, or a solo individual. We make sure that our visitors who avail our services get the best experience of their lives. Moreover, we also understand that each and every individual has a unique taste and their priorities accordingly, which is why we also offer tailored-made packages as per your preferences.

Our team also ensures that our customers have safe and hassle-free travel, while making our services easily accessible to everyone. We have a solid track record of our happy customers! With time, we have also earned the trust of our clients by providing them the best desert safari services.

Key Features:

Instant Confirmation

We provide quick hassle-free trip confirmation to avoid any kind of ambiguity.

Dubai Licensed Company

As an authorized Dubai company, we provide reliable and secure services with integrity.

Professional Drivers

We have a team of professional and experienced drivers who ensure that you have a comfortable and stress-free journey.

Daily Availability

We have a wide range of services and a team who prioritize and tailor according to your availability and schedule.

Insured Vehicles

We prioritize your safety above all, and that is why we operate our tours in insured vehicles to provide you with a smooth ride to your dream destination.

Multilingual Guide

Dubai is a diverse city where people from different cultures come to visit, which is why our team provides a multilingual guide for our tourists. They ensure seamless communication while providing an unforgettable travel experience.

Free Cancellation

We prioritize our customer’s convenience and that is why we offer free cancellation services in case of a change of plan.
Note  Please do not cancel your trip on the same day of departure. In-case of cancellation Inform us 24 hours before.

Bedouin Desert Camp

Experience the cultural essence of the desert in a Bedouin-style desert camp with us.

Cash/Online Payments

We aim to make your booking process smooth and most convenient for you. We accept both cash as well as online payments.

See What Our Clients Say About Our Dubai Tours


Do we offer free cancellation?

Yes, you can cancel your trip before 12 hours. But, after 12 hours we will not refund your 100% payment.

How many days does the refund process take?

We will refund your payment within 3 working days. If you fulfill our refunding criteria.

What is a desert Safari?

Desert safari is not a new concept, safari is also known as the ride which means that desert safari is a desert ride that includes sand dunes, camel rides, Quad bikes, and various desert activities.

How to choose the best desert safari company in Dubai?

Choosing the best desert to visit entirely depends on the desert safari Dubai ticket price. We have both lavish and pocket-friendly options designed perfectly for you.

How to book desert safari in Dubai?

You can easily book a seat for the Safari Dubai Desert in multiple ways. It includes an online booking, direct booking from the website or via office, etc.

What are the different activities that Desert Safari Dubai offers?

Dubai sand dune safari offers various activities for visitors depending on the time. These activities include; Dune Bashing, Quad Bike, Sandboarding, Belly and Tanoura dance, Fire Show and much more.

Which cars are used in Desert Safari Dubai?

Cars used in Desert Safari Dubai are 4-wheel vehicles with powerful engines and big tires.
These vehicles include;
Land Rover
Range Rover
Quad Bike
Land Cruiser
Ford Expedition and more.

How much does the desert tour cost per head?

At City Smart Adventure Tourism, your basic deal starts from 50 to 65 AED per person with pick-and-drop services. If you want to explore more, then please visit our Best Deals.

What is the duration of the Desert Safari Tour?

The duration, and experience in the Dubai desert adventure depend on the type of Safari you choose.

What is the desert safari Dubai age limit?

The desert safari Dubai age limit varies by tour operator, but generally children under 5 years old are not permitted. The minimum desert safari child age limit is usually 5 years old. For some tour providers, the age limit for desert safari Dubai activities like dune bashing is 10 years old, while children 5-10 years old can still participate in camel riding and entertainment shows. Those traveling to the desert safari Dubai for family should check age policies with their chosen tour operator before booking. Most will accommodate families with children over age 5.

Can I go on a desert adventure alone in Dubai?

Definitely yes, you can visit the Dubai Safari alone, and enjoy the peaceful environment and vastness of the desert.

What are the safety measures that I should account for when traveling to Desert Safari?

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. However, safety precautions like staying hydrated, having medical insurance in case of injury, wearing helmets, and gloves, etc are recommended.

Join Us Today For Your Dream Adventure:

Want to explore the best out of Dubai?

Join us on your dream Desert safari tour, and make incredibly beautiful memories with so much thrill, adventure, fun, food, live performance, and much more. Let’s join hands to explore and make lifetime memories.

Dubai Desert Safaris Location – Map to Our Office Headquarters

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