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Dubai City Tour

Experience Dubai City Tour & Desert Safari with AHA Tourism. Rising from the deep shorelines of the Persian Harbor, and the flowing sands of the Arabian Desert, Is the metropolis of Dubai, the prevalent State in the United Arab Emirates, for centuries Dubai was not considering other than tiny trading post on the banks of Dubai Creek, however littler than a single generation the metropolis has converted a destination once relegated to the imagining of the science fiction novelists, an abode that defies its extreme environment, and redefined everything we think we know about metropolises, despite appearances however the foundations of this sparkling sanctuary are not erected on sands, but on thousands ages of Arabic principles and custom.

Dubai has appeared as a flourishing master city of the modern world, which has converted into the most widespread sightseer endpoint in the Mideast, The mammoth metropolis has received the label of being the land of glorious, because of its attraction to have the finest of everything. From the modern architecture to lifestyle, each new day this Middle Eastern metropolis sets a novel and innovative sample of superiority for the world.

Dubai is one of the most unique cities across the world that presents a matchless unification of habitual culture with modern-day lifestyle. This is the city where one can witness the historical spots which represent the Middle Eastern values at its finest whereas there are some of the most contemporary architectural pieces as well. Our Dubai City Tour takes its valued visitors to some of the finest wonders in Dubai.

Our expert tour guide will accompany you for both; full-day Dubai City Tour or a Half-Day Dubai City Tour, while collaborating with you about the fascinating details of the past and present linked to the wonders being covered in the expedition.

Our Journey will start by picking you up at the dawn of the day, from your abode or hotel in Dubai, and take you to one of the splendid city tours.

Half Day City Tour Dubai

Our first spot to visit in Dubai City Tour will be Dubai Museum that displays traditional life of the tribesmen through the history; you will have an opportunity to familiarize with the rich traditional past of Dubai, the museum is established inside the Al Fahidi Fort, Home to the dominant sovereign until 1896. The fort was not only used for defense but functioned as a custodial, barracks and warehouse. It was the late Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed al Maktoum renovated it in 1971 for serving as an iconic museum to preserve Middle Eastern history for the next generations.

Next visit is Dubai Creek which is saltwater that runs in the middle of the city, a picturesque locale, filled with mystical aura that’s so Arabian in origin, Dubai Creek represents the real Dubai, like the way it used to before the modern-day boom, from fishing, trading, and pearl diving to the simple nomadic way of life.

Later on Step through the veil of Islam at the Jumeirah Mosque, to have a sense of Islamic architecture, while non-Muslim visitors are invited to the fine-looking interior, and take part in lively questions and answer sessions.

Followed by visiting one of the furthermost high-class, luxurious hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab Hotel along with Burj Al Arab Beach, with quality time to enjoy the shores of Arabian Gulf while filling your memory cards with striking photography and selfies.


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It depends on the season, in the cooler months wear warm jacket, as it gets cold in the desert at night, but in the summer or hotter months make sure you are cool and comfortable, and remember your sunglasses, cause it gets brighter in the desert, you can wear flip flops or remove your shoes to feel the desert under your toes.

Dubai City Tour package includes many famous tourist places such as Dubai Museum, Burj Al Arab, Burj Al Arab Beach, Palm Jumeira, Dubai Marina, King Palace,Burj Khalifa & many other places. Click to see more…

Dubai City Tour package includes many famous tourist places such as Dubai Museum, Burj Al Arab, Burj Al Arab Beach, Palm Jumeira, Dubai Marina, King Palace,Burj Khalifa & many other places. Click to see more…

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