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Hot Air Balloon Dubai

Dubai is always full of unique astonishment’s so it is Hot Air Balloon Dubai that rides over this unique Arabian Desert landscape, giving a unique experience to the visitors of this vast yet beautiful desert from above at about an altitude of 4000 feet. Even in this day at the age of airplanes, space shuttles, and drones, hot air balloons still captures the imagination. Majestic large and often colorful, there is something truly incredible to watch hot air balloons in flight. 

It was with a hot air balloon that man first ventured into the heavens. One of the best ways to have outdoor adventurous tour while enjoying some spectacular desert scenery is through the Hot Air Balloon Dubai when the balloon rises to 4000 feet, the sun rises to cover the peaks of Oman, gazelles, Oryx, and camels can be seen grazing. 

This is all balloon adventure, it will be one of the awesome experience you could have in the desert, definitely, it’s a huge recommendation, it might take a bit of dines through your wallet, and it’s not the cheapest activity around that is for sure.

The best thing about Hot Air Balloon Ride In Dubai is that you are traveling with the wind, moving with the speed of 70 to 80 km per hour. You can’t feel the wind because the Hot Air Balloon moves with the wind, the best way to describe the way it moves ahead is like floating on the clouds.

The Hot Air Balloon’s pilot cannot steer the balloon either, he has to use different wind layers where he wants to go.  The place which is picked by landing rest of the crew with cars will be going there, so if the Balloon pilot is good he will land exactly on the spot where the rest of the crew is waiting for him, and all he uses is wind layers!. And the landing is super exciting that will take your breath away.

Experience Hot Air Balloon In Dubai

The hot air balloon ride starts a bit early in the morning. Those who like to take part in this adventurous air ride and to explore the majestic beautiful desert of Dubai from above needs to sleep early the night before, to have enough sleep for waking up early in the morning, almost before dawn, to capture the natural beauty of this wonder through this magical classic ride.

Since we are in the business from 2005, we can proudly say that we will deliver you the utmost satisfaction and joy during this ride. We enormously try our best to procure and maintain the best quality balloon, additionally by designating the most professional International pilots, from different parts of the world, so that we are able to give you an everlasting experience of a lifetime.

For those who are adventurous and looking for the most daring experience, then this Hot Air Balloon Experience Dubai is something that you should not miss on. As it takes off from the ground you will start feeling like being part of the movie “Around the World in 80 Days”. Feeling like you are back in times, wandering slowly above the desert.

Riding through majestic landscapes of UAE, seeing nature in its full form with animals while sunrays cover the earth is something unimaginable that can be achieved only by a Hot Air Balloon Dubai Ride.

Our flights take off just before sunrise, allowing you to slowly rise above the desert as the sun rays cover the mountains and begin to brighten the rolling sand dunes of the Dubai desert. Anyone who has lived in or traveled to Dubai recognizes that it’s plentiful with splendid views of coastlines and skyscrapers, but none of those outlooks fairly match to the exclusive sight you get from floating peacefully over the desert as the sun rises.

As the flight takes off before sunrise allowing one gently to rise above the horizon as the sun rays cover the mountains peaks and the magic begins.

Best Hot Air Balloon Dubai

Besides being an adventurous ride Hot Air Balloon Dubai Deals happen to be one of the romantic rides, a best place in the skies to propose to the one and only, what can be more unique than asking someone to be yours for a lifetime while drifting above the desert and disappearing in the clouds one after another.

Or just surprise your dear ones on their birthday or any special occasion of your life; this magical romantic ride is the best place for all kinds of celebrations that will last forever in memories. About falcon in the Hot Air Balloon Dubai. One good fact that these balloons are the only ones in the world that takes falcon on it. The falcon will circle and swooped around the basket of hot air balloon as you drift over farms and sand dunes.

From a kilometer up Falcon can see a pigeon about 4 kilometers away. When the falcon is on hunting it will scan the terrain from a great altitude, as soon as it sees its prey, it will sweep towards it, and plan the attack before the final dive, so the term eagle eyes are not the ideal phrase, but reality.

Book hot air balloon ride in Dubai as it is the only place in the world where you can actually watch a bird show at altitude, while everywhere else in the world where you watch the bird show, you stuck on the ground looking up, however from the top being in the basket of Hot Air Balloon Dubai you can see these magnificent eagles how they fly around. Before the Bedouins had rifles and shotguns they would use trained falcons to hunt for their food.

The idea is that when they would ride through the desert and when they spot a bird they would release their falcon to catch it. So as result the Bedouins have this great appreciation for the falcon, and I am sure you have noticed that while you are on a visit to UAE, you must have seen its picture everywhere, such as from the currency of the dirham to the sign of the road.

As a matter of fact, some of the birds are more expensive than some Ferraris that you can get to drive around Dubai. The burqa (Arabic word) for the mask that covers the falcon eyes, that is there to keep these falcons relax, and it works on the principle of out of sight out of mind.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai Deals

Waking up early in the morning at 4 am and doing that entire super adventure ride, you will probably feel hungry,

Hot Air Balloon Dubai Deals is inclusive of pickup (only in Dubai) with inflight snacks, along with Wi-Fi on board to share your pictorial updates on Instagram, as you move through the wind and clouds, Falcon show and yes! a scrumptious breakfast which consists of mouthwatering menu such as mixed croissants with different kinds of bread, with wide range of delicacies such as omelet, scrambled and boiled eggs, with beef cuts and smoldered salmon dish, with additionally different kinds of flavors of jams and fruits with unlimited brewing Arabian coffee, tea, and juices.

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