Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

If you want to visit Dubai and do not go on Dubai Creek, your trip is definitely incomplete. Let’s garnish your trip with a little bit of style. Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek is what you are looking for in your vacation. Although visiting the beautiful landmarks on the sea border is a fun experience, you should make it luxurious by enjoying dinners under the floating cruises.

Our Creek Dhow Cruise visit is going to be a novel and beautiful experience that you can boast of around your friends and family when you go back.

Reviving History With Modern Reflection:

Dhow Cruise Deira Creek, with Rich historical heritage and glittering gems of the Arabs, along with a blend of modernity, will let you cherish the allures of heart-throbbing Dubai destinations.

Creek Dhow Cruise was an old tradition in Arabia where people used to travel in small boats on a unique waterway. But in old times, it was difficult to ride on a Creek with a large number of people on it. But as time changed, so did the standards. Creeks are now more modernized after the recent development programs. A water taxi with an air-conditioned environment can carry many people and entertain them as well. Inside Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek, comfortable seats and beautiful dining tables to serve your traditional meals are a novel experience. It is now able to make your night more glamorous and full of colors.

It is the best opportunity to discover beautiful old places like the ruler’s court, Sheikh Saeed’s house, wind towers, heritage village, and many other breathtaking landmarks in Dubai during your Creek dhow cruise Dubai. All these old places are amazing demonstrations of ancient architectural crafts made by former skilled Bedouin people. Lifetime picture-perfect memories are what you can make in this rich cultural attraction with a touch of modern luxuries in our best dhow cruise creek. The unusual merger of modern and old-age charm in Dubai City tour amazes you through its famous transportation system when you get ready and take the chance to experience it.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek Deals

Advance Deal

AED 50 per person

  • 2 Hours Cruising In Creek Bay
  • Unlimited Refreshments
  • Live Entertainment Shows
  • *Kids Upto 3 Years are Free

Package Includes

  • Welcome Soft Drinks
  • 2 Hours Cruising In Creek Bay
  • Unlimited Refreshments ( Juices, Soft Drinks, Water )
  • International dinner with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes
  • Live Entertainment Shows
  • Background Music (English, Arabic & Hindi)
  • Smoking Facility Only At Upper Deck
  • Fully Air-Conditioned Lower Deck & Open Air Upper Deck
  • Separate Toilet Facilities For Men & Women


  • Boarding Time: 8 PM
  • Departure Time: 8.30PM
  • APPROX. 2 Hours Tour

Payment Mode

  • Cash payments upon pickup
  • Card payments

What Sets Us Apart:

Here are some exceptional qualities that define our distinction.

Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise Dinner:

Get a luxurious gourmet experience as well while visiting beautiful landmarks. You can enjoy a lavish dinner while sailing above the sea in our creek dhow cruise dinner package. Dinners in the luxurious transports are beautiful additions to your remarkable journey. Enjoying panoramic views along with live dance performances while having a variety of foods on the table is nothing but amazing.

Respectful and traditional greetings are a specialty of Dhow Cruise Creek with dinner offers. You are welcomed with special drinks, tea, and Arabian coffee, which are followed by Arabian meals. Tourists with special demands, whether they are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, can enjoy the delicacy of some delicious food servings. After the sumptuous meal, you get served with a traditional Arabic tea called Kahwah. Evening dhow dinner cruise on Dubai Creek with Beautiful sunset scenes creating charming tapestry gives a sense of ambiance that is difficult to find elsewhere. City lights with glamorous creeks and international cuisines with an Arabian buffet are the specialties of our dinner package. A blend Of cultural illustration along with culinary delights makes your gentle sway of the dhow more wonderful.

Live Entertainments:

Live dance performances by beautiful models are there to give your meal a touch of satisfaction. Belly dance performances feel majestic over the sea and enhance your mood to make it more fun. Traditional Arabic Tanoura dance by skilled performers can entertain you thoroughly. Musical performances by skilled artists in which violin and piano shows on special demands are also included. Continuous music from the start of your journey makes the trip more serene and enjoyable while sailing through the alluring waters.

Cheapest Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai:

If you are looking for an affordable but full entertainment dhow Cruise Dubai trip, you are at the right place. We offer special discounts on different days Of the year. Experience a charming beauty without breaking the bank when you do booking during non-peak seasons. We offer a cheap Cruise Dhow Dubai visit according to the inclusions you choose. Some extensive entertainment may not be included in our package because it totally depends on the price you pay.

Make sure to keep in touch with us and get a budget-friendly and delightful creek dhow cruise in Dubai.

Luxury Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek:

Get delighted with the glamor of this dynamic City in our lavish Dubai Creek. In our luxury Cruise Creek packages, we serve our customers with luxury hotel concierge services at premium prices. Enjoy an exclusively intimate and personalized upscale experience. Gourmet dining is our specialty for special customers. Top chefs prepare special multi-course meals according to your own choice. Add an extra layer of sophistication with music performances and customized dances by international and beautiful dancers.

Experience Highlights:

Start your journey in Deira Creek in our wall-decorated wooden dhow with a specified number of guests.

After the completion of all boarding formalities, we serve tourists with special Arabian drinks, tea, coffee, and juices in air-conditioned decks.

The heritage point we move forward to is the old Dubai Souks, a breathtaking point to take selfies of majestic and beautiful backdrops.

Then we cross Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum quarters, where His Highness would meet people and listen to their problems.

Along with this tour, dancers will continue to perform belly dance and Tanoura dance.

Now, our creek dhow cruise will pass through Sheikh Maktoum bridge, which is floating and movable as required. Before returning, you will also visit Sheikh Khalifa Palace.

Now Cruise visit ends at the place where it started. We recommend you take our best dhow cruise Dubai Creek offers and enjoy an indulgent experience in the heart of Dubai.

Things To Know Before Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek Booking:

  • During the holy month of Ramadan, we will not include entertainment like music and dance performances in our tour packages.
  • Alcohol is prohibited on creek cruises but for premium and luxury packages, drinks can be availed on special demands.
  • No charges are applied to children lower than age 4. Although all children below age 12 must come with an adult.
  • Dhow cruise Dubai Creek timings total 2 hours.
  • Please come to the location 30 minutes before the departure.
  • Individual washrooms are available for all.

FAQs Unraveled: Your Queries Answered Here

What type of clothes are ideal for me to wear on my cruise trip?

There are no special dress codes applied for our tour. But as the temperature is high in Dubai, we recommend you wear breathable and cotton-made lightweight clothes. To protect yourself from sun tanning, light, breathable, long-sleeved shirts made from UV-blocking fabrics are recommended. If not make sure to apply sunscreen to get protected from ultraviolet sun rays.

What is the cancellation policy for your tour because of misfortunate circumstances?

During any misfortune that can not let you go on our tour, like poor weather conditions, government notifications, or pandemics, make sure to cancel before 72 hours. After that, no refund of your money is applicable.

Why should I prefer your tour packages over others?

City Smart Adventure is registered as a tour operating company in Dubai. All our deals and prices are affordable and make your adventure amazing. We also have well-trained staff to serve you with the best services.

What is the Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek location?

The exact location of Cruise Dubai Creek is Baniyas Road. This road is located right opposite Rolex Twin Town in Deira Creek.

Can I select the option to choose between the upper or lower back of Cruise Creek Dubai?

Yes definitely. You can choose whatever deck you want to sit in. The upper deck has an open roof where you can enjoy an open view of the sky. The lower back is air-conditioned and more comfortable.

Do I need to pay extra charges for choosing between the upper and lower back of Dhow Cruise Creek?

Absolutely No. There is no such condition to choose what you like. Our customer satisfaction is our priority. We make sure to give you a favored setting according to your choice.

Is your Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai tour also available for special events?

Yes absolutely. You can make special private bookings. Personalized services are available for celebrations, other corporate events, or even wedding functions. Special staff according to the requirement can also be arranged with extra charges.

How can I book my tour package?

You can make reservations online through our website. Can also contact our customer service. Make sure to give all the information asked to confirm your booking.

Seize The Moment: Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek Online Booking

Our enchanting Dubai Creek visit during sunset promises to bring unparalleled charm to your tour. Gentle sway along the shimmering waters gives the ambiance that serenity lovers are looking for. With sumptuous dinners and dance performances in the sea with beautiful traditional views, craft picture-perfect memories that you will never forget.

Grasp this special opportunity to impress the modern luxury and serene enjoyment. Book your spot now and sail the magic of our Best Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek.

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