5 Best Places To Visit In Dubai

best places to visit in dubai

Whether its world tallest building Burj khalifa, or the world largest tourism and shopping project the Global village, or the old Dubai heritage district of Bastakia that still presents the rich culture of this modern mega city of the world. I have created the list of famous tourist places to visit in Dubai, which I personally found incredibly amusing and relishing.

Dubai the land of grandeur whether it’s their malls or hotels this place does makes you go wow, the mixture of golden red sand and the evolution of modern architecture, the city famous for its incredible tallest skyscrapers and giant bustling yet fascinating shopping malls. A great holiday destination for those who strives for shopping and yet looking for enjoying their vocation to the fullest, with its stunning beaches, resorts, desert safari, Middle eastern delicacies, in its diverse culture.

Places To Visit In Dubai

1. The Burj Khalifa

The tallest building on earth the burj khalifa, Dubai’s Burj Khalfia maintains the world record, as it has since opened in 2010. Shockingly tall as up to 829.7 meters is the Burj Khalifa’s total height, from the ground floor to the top of its spire. That’s 2,772 feet, making it the tallest building on planet earth.
The total number of floors at Burj Khalifa is 163, which is yet another record in the world, while it has the world’s highest observation deck on the 148th floor, a night club on 144th floor and restaurant on 122nd. Approximately 35000 numbers of people can be accommodated in this vertical city, at any given time.

Another uniqueness that it holds is that it can be seen from as far as 95 kilometers, that’s about 60 miles, which is the distance between New York City and Trenton, New Jersey. A total of 57 Elevators are installed in Burj Khalifa, while each high tech elevator can travel nearly 10 meters ( 32.8 feet) per second, allowing them to reach the top of the building in approximately 60 seconds, which makes it the 3rd fastest evaluator in the world. 

A total of 28,261 panels are the number of architectural glass panels on the Burj Khalifa, which provides anti-glare, and thermal protection against Dubai intense desert sun. 

About 137,000 liters of water that Burj Khalifa’s condensate collection system accumulates every day, which is equivalent to 20 Olympics swimming pools every year. Additionally 11,800 metric tons of ice needed to cool the Burj Khalifa in summer times, all of which contained within an innovative thermal storage system. The price of the most expensive apartment was also in Burj Khalifa which was 16.3 Million US Dollars until 2017 when 32 million US Dollar Apartment in the Palm Jumeirah completed. 

The estimated cost of the Burj Khalifa is 1.5 Billion US dollars, which includes 22 million hours and nearly 100,000 metric tons of concrete.  The cost of office space per square meter at Burj Khalifa is 43,000 US Dollars, which is about 4000 US dollars per square feet, making it three times higher than New York City. Per Master card estimation Burj Khalifa will be visited by 16.7 million visitors this year. Now to visit this incredible building of the world you have to book the ticket for a specific time and date, and the price will differ for different timings of the day.

2. Global Village

Best Places to Visit in Dubai For Kids. Global Village Dubai is the largest multi-cultural event place on the planet, and here various countries setup their pavilions, while in them you can shop, eat and basically get the local texture of that particular country, you must have heard about many Dubai tourist places, but this one is one in only place on earth that one should not take a chance to miss, while they are in Dubai.

If you want to visit all the countries of the world, the different races of the world, the taste of food from each part of the world, and due to lack of time or budget you can’t visit each in every country of the world, then global village is the only place whereby visiting it you can actually know how each country of the world look, sense and taste like, there you will find mostly all of the famous countries from each continent of the world. 

You can explore this wonderful place at just 15 dirhams and the best part is that children and the senior’s citizens have free entry, and the opening season starts from October and last till April, so visit all the open-air fun of this incredible place with your family and friends.

This is really an astonishing place to be with your friends and family, and it’s a festival that combines the culture of 90 countries worldwide in one place, also one of the world’s largest tourism and entertainment project. So for example, if you are at the Turkish pavilion and here you will pass by infamous Turkish ice-cream vendors, pottery, lamps, home décor stuff, and a whole lot of Turkish foods. You will see shops selling their spices, sweets, snacks and so much more, you will especially love the mouthwatering Turkish Baklava.

The key reason many people go to the global village is to score out the best items to shop from each pavilion, from Yemen’s famous honey to leather bags and shoes, there is so much to choose of your choice, and yes come prepared for a little bargaining and fun shopping. This park features more than 130 multi-cultural food chaos that will offer an authentic street food experience, and around 20 sit down restaurants and cafes offering a whole refined culinary experience.

You can enjoy the fireworks and live performances on the weekends, this season is projected to have over 40000 live shows, most of which are scheduled to be on the weekends, along with this you can also enjoy Plentiful fun rides. You can check out the different countries their pavilions, get that sensation, and sometimes they have a carnival and live performances as well.

3. Dubai Frame

The 150 Meter high tower connected with 93 meters long bridge,  It is one of the architectural wonders in Dubai located in Zabeel Park at Al Karama, it’s also known as one of the biggest picture frame on earth. If you are planning to visit yet another masterpiece of Dubai, you have to go through Zabeel park gate number four, The ticket price is 50 AED for Adults while 20 AED for children and kids less than 3 years.

The Frame is surrounded by beautiful water fountains that make the frame surroundings even more romantic at sunset time. The inside tour begins with Old souk Photographs and visuals showing old Dubai era, along with the museum, while on the second floor after the entrance you can read facts of Dubai Frame in details, such as its construction and uniqueness, one of the facts that surprised me was that Dubai frame is taller than pyramids of Giza.

Different models are available for amusement on the second floor while from the sky deck you can see the model of the solar system as well. As you take the elevator to go to the top of the frame and sky deck you can witness Dubai’s incredible beauty all around, with a stunning view of Zabeel Park and Jafliya section, while you’re elevating step by step. You will be thrilled the moment you step out of the elevator as you would be walking on transparent glass, from which you can see the ground from an altitude of around 160 meters.

Dubai Frame is the only place in Dubai where it gives a beautiful view of new Dubai skyline with Burj Khalifa, from one side; while from another side old Dubai Deira with Creek views, so it’s one of the magnificent landmarks on earth from which you can see city’s past and present with future. If one wants to experience the whole of Dubai at the same time from one location than Dubai Frame is the best place to visit.

The total number of 200 visitors can be occupied in one time at the sky deck of the Dubai Frame. While being at the melting pot of Dubai experiencing the land of contrasts, you will find a café at the sky deck for sipping a hot cup of cappuccino, which will give you an incredible feeling of recreation. Dubai Frame’s sky deck is filled with triangle shape digital screens, and its visualization adds more beauty to the inside tour, at the end of the tour also experience visualization of Dubai’s future, the total excursion will take around 2 hours of duration to spend at Dubai frame.

Dubai Frame is one of the jaw-dropping Tourist places in Dubai which are visited by one million visitors per year, so while in Dubai don’t miss a chance of not visiting this 21st-century mega architectural design.

4. Ibn Battuta Mall

This Mall is by far one of my favorite malls in Dubai City, You will absolutely love the way it’s done, it’s inspired by one of the great Muslim Traveler, explorer and Scholar knew as Ibn Battuta, who was born in the wake of 13th century in Morocco, famous for traveling the medieval world for over 30 years. Ibn Battuta Mall is divided into six courts; there is Andalusia, China, Egypt, Persia, Tunisia and India, and they have paid a lot of attention in detail to make this mall, so in my opinion, this mall is one of the Top Places to visit in Dubai.

Each Court in the mall has its own entrance, if for example, you enter from Egypt court, you will free like being in Egypt, as the whole theme of the court is about Egypt Ancient culture, as they really paid tribute to ancient artwork and architecture. Something which you will find very cool throughout the Ibn battuta mall is that you will feel like walking through a museum, where you will see different kinds of antiques and artifacts related to Ibn Battuta and other Islamic scholars, explorers, and inventors from the Islamic golden age.

An interesting fact about ibn Battuta was the fact that he started his travels on the journey or pilgrimage to Makkah, and that would take 16 months to get there, however, it took him 24 years, and this mall is inspired by his travels. The tile work at the Persian court is very detailed and amazing especially at Starbucks, where you can sip a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the view of the ceiling with every sip, even though I visit this mall frequently, but it never fails to amaze me,  it’s absolutely stunning.

Upon reaching the Tunisian court, it’s almost like walking through Tunisian town; check out the stalls on the floor as you walk around with the magical illusions of having skies. At the Andalusian court, you will be enchanted by its ceiling and theme, you will feel walking on the ground of the palace, especially the water fountain which stood on the back of the lions and the ceiling is inspired by the Alhambra Fortress.

Indian Court represents the Moghul era, the Dome represents the Taj Mahal and red fort, while in China court you will witness that ibn Battuta voyage was momentous to china, however, the discoveries that he saw in China was made up for his distresses.

5. Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood of Bastakiya

The historical and vibrant Bastakiya quarter is located right at the heart of the heritage district of the city, now this is a very different kind of an area, very different from the modern-day glitz and glamour that Dubai is famous for. Bastakiya quarter is one of the Dubai’s most charming heritage sites, and it’s built in the late 18th century by the Persian merchants, who were attracted to the city by its relaxed tax tariffs, today this area has been declared a conservation area, and it is really a place for wandering and soaking up the atmosphere. 

A lot of the buildings in Bastakiya are actually heritage buildings most of them have been restored and turned into art galleries and cafes, along with some very interesting hotels themed in a very classic Arabian way, which you will never find anywhere else. While exploring this historic site you will see lots of graffiti, and the whole neighborhood has narrow streets, and if you walk on them you will like you are in a time of Aladdin.

The Coffee Museum at Bastakiya is one of the beautiful places to explore, especially for coffee lovers, the peaceful place to enjoy a cup of coffee and to see history behind this simmering drink; perhaps it’s the only place where you will see all antique and impressive coffee makers and machines dated back to 18th century, which is very interesting. Bastakiya quarter is the only place where you can find a camel restaurant, where you can find camel milkshake, camel chocolate, and camel kabab.

There are lots of souvenir shops and most of the items are handmade, while there are many different kinds of art galleries, if you are an art lover then this place is a must-visit place in Dubai. A beautiful 18th century designed mosque stands in the center of Bastakiya that adds more beauty to its surrounding, while just beside the mosque you will also find a coin Museum, by visiting it you will have the chance to discover coin related to different eras and different dynasties through the history, the coins can be seen through special cabinet and amplifying screens.


Come to this one of the Best Places to visit in Dubai and feel like going back in times for once, as every part of it can leave a person astonished and thoughtful.


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