Which Car is Used in Desert Safari?

Which car is used in Desert Safari

As a popular tourist activity sought out by countless visitors every year, desert safaris enable you to experience a thrilling series of activities like dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, and culinary shows—all from the comfort of a specialized 4×4 vehicle designed to handle off-roading.

Have you ever wondered which car is used in desert safari? that you might be riding as you explore the vast dunes around Dubai on an exciting adventure?

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Before booking your next Dubai holiday, join us at City Smart Adventure Tourism to discover which rugged and durable vehicles transport tourists on desert safaris to enjoy breathless rides up and down towering sandy dunes under the Arabian sun.

Read on to learn all about the customized super jeep-style trucks used by professional tour operators to deliver unparalleled desert safari experiences to adventurous travellers in Dubai.

Which car is used in Desert Safari?

The most common sight rolling through desert dunes on a Dubai safari tour is the rugged Toyota Land Cruiser, renowned globally as an unstoppable off-road machine. Custom-outfitted Land Cruiser 70s, 80s, 100s, and 200 series models carry 6 to 10 bouncing passengers in air-conditioned comfort over steep sandy hills. Key enhancements for dune bashing include a raised chassis, durable 4WD systems, and sand-terrain tyres.

Land Rover and Range Rover SUVs also frequently shuttle safari-goers to camel rides, sandboarding, and barbeque dinners under starlit Arabian nights. These British SUVs boast exceptional performance traversing punishing terrain, complemented by luxury interiors and refinement. As the sun dips over golden dunes, reliable classic Toyota Land Cruisers transport tourists back to their Dubai hotels after an exhilarating day, experiencing the majesty of the desert.

Type of Customizations:

The Toyota Land Cruisers, Nissan Patrols, and other 4×4 vehicles sending tourists on thrilling Dubai desert safaris undergo specialized customizations to handle intense off-roading conditions. Robust suspension lifts and adjustments enable a smoother ride over steep, sandy dunes while preventing bone-rattling bumps.

Added accessories like bull bars, external roll cages, and camel sticker designs complement the desert theme. But function matches form as well – vehicles meant for punishing desert drives require all-terrain tyres engineered specifically to avoid hazardous deflation on remote routes.

Additional necessities like onboard water tanks and extra fuel storage prepare customized Land Cruiser and Patrol fleets to transport safari groups deep into the Arabian sands for an authentic Bedouin-style dinner under star-filled skies.

Driver Training & Certification:

Professional tour operators specially customize vehicles for desert terrain and train drivers to be experts as well. Operators like City Smart Adventure Tourism only employ safari drivers holding valid desert driving licenses, which are mandatory for navigating the dunes.

Extensive training focuses on manoeuvring up and down perilously steep sandy slopes along strict safety protocols. Drivers are well versed in emergency procedures, from handling vehicle breakdowns to conducting medical rescues under the remote desert sun. Certification requirements also include proving competency in repairing and maintaining customized Land Cruiser and Patrol fleets handling punishing safari routes day after day.

So, while you enjoy thrilling dune bashing rides, engaging camel rides, and authentic Arabian cuisine on your Dubai desert safari, rest assured you’re in the safe hands of highly-skilled drivers and expertly maintained vehicles ready for the next unforgettable desert adventure.

Why Choose a Professional Tour Operator?

Booking your Dubai desert safari with a reputable professional tour operator like City Smart Adventure Tourism ensures an unforgettable experience from start to finish. Licensed companies maintain customized Land Cruiser and Patrol fleets with expert safari drivers to transport tourists while upholding stringent safety measures.

Reliable hotel transfers precede thrilling overnight, morning, or evening dune-bashing rides into magnificent desert sunsets or under billions of stars. Operators offer modern, air-conditioned vehicles properly maintained for silky smooth rides over steep dunes, followed by traditional Arabian hospitality at overnight desert camps.

As the tantalizing smells of shisha and grilled meats fill the night air while captivating Tanoura dances unfold, know that you chose a distinguished desert safari provider dedicated to incredible service. Whether overnight under the stars or on a heart-racing dune buggy ride, City Smart Adventure Tourism creates magical Dubai desert memories to cherish forever.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the seating capacity of Toyota Land Cruisers used for desert safaris?

Toyota Land Cruiser models, including the 70, 80, 100, and 200 series used for desert safaris, typically comfortably seat 6-10 passengers.

How are the vehicles customized to handle desert terrain?

Customizations include specialized desert tyres to avoid deflation, suspension lifts of up to 12 inches for smoothing out dunes, snorkels to manage dust, and camel artwork/stickers.

Why are Land Rovers not as common as Toyota Land Cruisers?

Though luxurious, Land Rovers are not as rugged and affordable as Land Cruisers, which clock high mileage on desert trips, making Toyotas more cost-effective.

How often are the vehicles serviced and maintained?

Desert fleet vehicles undergo thorough periodic servicing after every 1,000 km, including oil changes and battery, brake, and tyre inspections to ensure passenger safety.

Besides Toyota, what other automakers have reliable vehicles for dune bashing?

Nissan Patrol and Chevrolet Suburban SUVs also have versions customized for desert safaris featuring heavy-duty suspension and high ground clearance for dune bashing.

Book Your Thrilling Dubai Desert Safari Today:

City Smart Adventure Tourism offers thrilling morning, evening or overnight desert safari packages in customized Land Cruisers and Nissan Patrols driven by trained drivers. Dune bash on rolling sandy hills before unwinding at our Arabian-style tented camps under billions of stars. Experience cultural shows, camel rides, quad biking, and more on an unforgettable Arabian adventure.

Contact us today to book your extraordinary Dubai desert safari package and create magical memories riding through golden dunes and traditional Bedouin hospitality. Call +971-5898-5 7062 or book online through our website. Our convenient hotel transfers and high safety standards ensure an outstanding desert experience from start to finish.


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