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Desert Safari Dubai How Much Does It Cost?

Ever dreamt of soaring through sun-drenched dunes on a camel, a thrilling sunset painting the golden sands behind you?

Welcome, fellow budget thrill-seekers and adventure buddies. Dubai’s desert safaris beckon, promising adrenaline-pumping escapades without breaking the bank.

But how much, you ask? Fear not, weary explorer, for this guide demystifies the desert safari Dubai, how much does it cost conundrum, revealing affordable adventures tailored to your wanderlust and wallet.

Buckle up, we’re diving deep into sand-strewn deals and unlocking the secrets of unforgettable Arabian nights, all at pocket-friendly prices.

Let’s chase horizons, not dollar bills.

Understanding Desert Safari Types and Costs:

City Smart offers a smorgasbord of safari options, each packed with thrilling activities and captivating cultural experiences, all meticulously priced to suit diverse budgets and adventure appetites.

Let’s navigate the cost factors and inclusions like dune-surfing sand pirates, ensuring you find the perfect escapade for your Arabian dreams.

The ABCs of Safaris: Choosing the Right One for You

Golden Dunes & Cool Breezes: Morning Desert Safari

Rise with the sun for a budget-friendly adventure. Basic deals start at AED 120, whisking you away in a shared SUV/Land Cruiser for exciting dune bashing, picture-perfect moments, camel rides, and sandboarding.

Upgrade to the Advance Deal (AED 250) for a longer dune bash, quad bike thrills, and even more desert fun.

For exclusive privacy, the Private Car option (AED 600) lets you experience the magic with your closest crew.

As the Sun Sets, Adventure Awakes: Evening Desert Safari

Immerse yourself in the golden glow of a desert sunset.

Basic safaris (AED 50) offer convenient pick-up from centralized locations, a quick dune bash, sunset photography, and a taste of desert cultural delights like camel rides, sandboarding, henna painting, and traditional attire.

Advance Safaris (AED 99) elevate the experience with pick-up in a private SUV/Land Cruiser, longer dune bashing, and endless entertainment under the stars – belly dancing, tanoura, fire shows, and a lavish BBQ buffet.

Opt for the Premium package (AED 250) to add a heart-pounding quad bike ride and a longer camel experience, making your desert night truly unforgettable.

Sleep Under a Million Stars: Overnight Desert Safari

Embrace the magic of the desert under a blanket of stars.

Basic packages (AED 250) provide pick-up in a private SUV/Land Cruiser, sunset dune bashing, and a taste of the simple desert life with camel rides and sandboarding.

For a touch of luxury, the Advance Deal (AED 370) includes a thrilling quad bike ride, while the Private Car option (AED 1500) lets you indulge in exclusivity under the vast desert sky.

Cost Factors
Duration: Safari lengths span from morning thrills to starlit overnight adventures, impacting the overall cost.
Transportation: Pick-up options range from shared buses to private SUVs/Land Cruisers, catering to individual preferences and budgets.
Activities: Dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, quad biking – choose your adrenaline rush and watch the price adjust accordingly.
Meals: From simple water and soft drinks to lavish BBQ buffets and welcome beverages, meal inclusions influence the overall package cost.
Inclusions: Cultural experiences like henna painting, Arabic attire, shisha, and live shows add unique touches and affect the price point.
Budget Estimates
Morning Safaris: Budget-friendly (AED 120 – 250), perfect for adventure seekers on a tight schedule.
Evening Safaris: Value-packed options (AED 50 – 99) offer a taste of everything, while premium experiences (AED 250) cater to luxury seekers.
Overnight Safaris: Immersive adventures (AED 250 – 1500) cater to diverse budgets, with private experiences offering exclusivity at a premium.

From Budget to Luxe: Booking a Dubai Desert Safari That’s Just Right:


Gearing up for your Dubai desert escapade? Don’t let sand-tastic scams and last-minute mirages cloud your adventure.

We’re here to be your personal desert decoder ring, unlocking the secrets to savvy booking and unforgettable experiences.

Forget shady touts and haggling headaches – City Smart offers a treasure trove of desert adventures, perfectly curated for every budget and thrill-seeker.

  • City Smart to the rescue: Ditch the comparison vortex. City Smart’s user-friendly website lets you explore a kaleidoscope of safari options, all vetted for quality and safety. No more camel-shaped scams, just guaranteed smiles under the desert sun.
  • Early bird catches the dune buggy: Booking in advance with City Smart unlocks exclusive deals and last-minute steals. Think epic discounts and VIP treatment – your wallet and inner explorer will thank you.
  • Read the fine print, skip the desert drama: City Smart lays it all out, crystal clear. From sunrise snacks to sunset feasts, every package spells out its inclusions, so you know exactly what desert delights await. No hidden sand traps here.
  • Fair prices, desert smiles: City Smart believes responsible tourism starts with fair pricing. You won’t find any mirage-like deals that exploit local operators. Quality experiences at accessible prices – that’s the City Smart promise.

Unpacking Your Desert Treasure Chest:

  • Morning Maneuvers: Light on your wallet, heavy on adventure. These safaris pack a punch with dune bashing, camel rides, and refreshing sips – perfect for budget-conscious thrill-seekers.
  • Sunset Spectaculars: Buckle up for a sensory feast. As the sun dips below the horizon, these safaris paint the sky with fire, then fill your plate with a BBQ smorgasbord. Sandboarding, camel encounters, and dazzling cultural shows – prepare to be wowed.
  • Starry Serenity: Embrace the magic of a million desert diamonds. Overnight safaris whisk you away from the city’s glow, offering serene dune adventures, sunset dinners under the stars, and cozy tent camps bathed in moonlight. Wake up to a sunrise unlike any other – pure desert magic.

FAQs Answered: Conquering Your Dubai Desert Safari Budget:

How much does a typical desert safari in Dubai cost?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as it depends on several factors like duration, activities, meals, and inclusions.

However, you can expect prices to range from AED 50 for basic morning safaris to AED 600 for overnight adventures with private transportation and quad biking.

Budget-friendly options like morning safaris offer dune bashing, camel rides, and sandboarding, while premium packages include BBQ buffets, cultural shows, and stargazing under the desert sky

Are there affordable desert safari options for budget travelers?

Absolutely! Morning and basic evening safaris starting from AED 50 cater to budget-conscious adventurers.

These packages typically include pick-up from centralized locations, dune bashing, short camel rides, and refreshments.

You can also consider opting for shared transportation (SUVs or Land Cruisers) to keep costs lower.

What’s the difference between morning, evening, and overnight safaris?

Morning safaris: Perfect for early birds, these offer shorter adventures (3-4 hours) with dune bashing, camel rides, and sandboarding, all for AED 50-250. Ideal if you’re on a tight schedule or want to avoid the desert heat.

Evening safaris: Experience the magic of the setting sun on these 5-6 hour excursions. Prices range from AED 50-250 and include dune bashing, sunset photography, camel rides, sandboarding, and often, BBQ buffets and cultural shows.

Overnight safaris: Immerse yourself in the desert’s enchanting night for 12-24 hours, starting from AED 250. Enjoy dune bashing, sunset dinners, stargazing, and cozy tent camp stays. Opt for private cars and quad biking for a premium experience.

What kind of meals are included in desert safari packages?

The meal options vary depending on the package. Morning safaris usually offer water and soft drinks, while basic evening safaris might include snacks.

Premium evening packages and overnight safaris often include delicious BBQ buffets with traditional cuisine and vegetarian options.

Some even offer welcome drinks and Arabic coffee.

Is it safe to book desert safaris online?

Yes, booking online with reputable tour operators like City Smart offers several benefits. You can browse various packages, compare prices, read reviews, and secure deals in advance.

Look for companies with transparent pricing, clear inclusions, and verified customer testimonials.

Avoid street touts and stick to established operators for a safe and enjoyable experience.


Desert dreams don’t have to drain your wallet. Dubai’s diverse safaris cater to every budget, from sunrise sprints to starlit feasts, all without breaking the bank.

Remember, you don’t need a magic lamp to conjure an unforgettable adventure – just click over to City Smart.

Our user-friendly platform takes the guesswork out of booking, offering personalized recommendations and exclusive deals tailored to your wildest wishes.

So, ditch the desert decoding struggles and let us be your genie in a bottle, unlocking incredible experiences at accessible prices.

Browse our treasure trove of safaris, from morning dune dashes to sunset spectacles, and find the perfect fit for your budget and adventure appetite.

Remember, memories made under the desert sky last a lifetime – and with City Smart, they don’t have to cost a fortune.

Start exploring today, and let’s paint your Arabian escapade in golden hues.

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