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Things To Know About Dubai Dolphinarium

Basically the meaning of the word Dolphinarium is a pool or aquarium where the dolphins are kept, particularly the ones where they are displayed for the public. Dolphins are human-friendly mammals in the deep, and they are involved for centuries with humans, protecting them from danger most of the times, as Dolphins have been said to form protective circles around swimmers in threat, protecting them from sharks or lifting them to the surface to breathe, on many occasions, they even towed humans to shores.

Dubai dolphinarium offers a unique and magical exhibition of these stunning and magnificent creatures; you can not only take photos with them but can also swim with these amazing dolphins on a really friendly level. You will not only enjoy a fun ride in the water on their belly but will also be able to kiss and hug them; moreover, you will be able to dance with them as well. Get ready to hear adventurous stories, behaviors, and habitats of these incredible mammals of the deep.

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Dubai Dolphinarium Activities

If you are looking for the most iconic & unique Indoor attraction in Dubai to experience fun like never before, then visit Dubai Dolphinarium today. Dolphinarium Dubai features interaction with dolphins in deep water, and it’s suitable for children from 5 years old, connect with them through the kiss, hug, and dance. To meet these Friendly Dolphins, seals and birds are one of the best things to do in Dubai with fully air condition indoor activities, where you will not only have free wheelchair access but also free Wi-Fi, isn’t it awesome!

Dubai Dolphinarium is the only one in the Middle East which is not only fully air-conditioned but also providing a pleasant environment for seals and dolphins. Additionally, it also permits the audience to interact and watch live shows and do photo sessions by its fully trained staff from different parts of the world. Here in this beautiful dolphinarium Dubai, every opportunity at the corner reveals another Magical scene, we are giving you a fair warning, that by visiting this place full of cuteness and fun you will quickly run out of ways to say Wow. 

Dubai dolphinarium timings start from 10 AM in the morning and go till 7:30 pm, while Dubai dolphinarium location is at Riyadh Street, Inside the Creek Park Gate 1, if you like to stay your budget and if you like visiting dolphinarium through Metro than Dubai dolphinarium nearest metro station is Al Jadaf metro station.

Dolphins Facts

It might be roaming around your mind that how the dolphins make sense of their world, how do they perceive their world, how do they conceptualize their world, how they represent their world, how they communicate with one another, that’s what we are trying to explain here, for you to have a better picture to enjoy more by knowing this beautiful creature more. Dolphins, Orcas and pilot animals are from the same family of the toothed whales which are famous for their extreme intelligence.

Dolphin’s behaviors

Researchers have identified 3 levels of aligns within dolphin society, the most intimate are between pairs or trios of males who work together over decades to guard the females they successfully court. Despite the remarkable stability of these alliances over time, dolphins also appear to be unpredictable, the same two dolphins maybe friends one day and rivals the next, and unlike primates, these associations may depend on the condition, for example, which other dolphins are nearby.

Dolphins Interactions with Humans

Naturally, keeping track of these complex social networks requires a hell of a lot of brainpower. They also interact intelligently with humans, and they have work with humans for ages, from giving rides to the ancient Greeks to helping Brazilians catch fish to planting bombs for the Soviet Union. They also play games with us, sometimes with just as much enthusiasm as with each other, and enjoying showing off, whether it’s by decorating their fins with our snorkels or forming circles with ribbons to jump through.

Like many animals dolphins can be taught to perform tricks, they can be trained to stand upright on their tails and skate backward through the water, to wave their fins or to corkscrew through the air, and so on-all of this can be done on the command of a human. Dolphins interestingly can often be heard exchanging chirps and whistles in pairs before executing these tricks, suggesting they are discussing a plan.

The way Dolphins Sleep

Dolphins sleep with merely partial of their brains in one time while the other remains fully alert a kind of relaxation identified as unihemispheric (SWS). Not only does this allow them to keep surfacing for air when need to, but it also lets them keep an eye out for danger. Literally: while the right hemisphere of the brain sleeps, the right eye stays open and alert, and vice versa as they alternates between the hemispheres to fully rest the brain. This process takes roughly four hours, two hours for each side, and rarely will they sleep without company.

Dolphins can see and draw pictures!

Dolphins can perceive and perhaps can draw too with sound; as they have an extraordinary ability for echolocation the same as bats but much higher because sound voyages quicker in water. In milliseconds, Dolphins can plot the surroundings, that even today‘s supercomputers fall short of such accuracy. In fact, they can classify the dimension, form, and speediness of an object from far away, additionally; they can even distinguish between outwardly similar objects like a golf ball and ping-pong, based on their internal density-kind of like x-ray vision.

Dolphins are Smart because of their huge brain

Another unique fact about dolphins is that their brain is quite large than the human brain, as the size of the brain is 1, 6 kilograms while ours is 1, 3 kilograms. The dolphins can identify themselves in the mirror as a sure sign of self-awareness and one that most other animals fail at, furthermore, they are also fully aware of their body parts and know exactly who’s in charge of their movement- something even human babies are apparently unable to grasp.

If you are thinking of dolphin should be treated like people in the legal sense than yes you are right! As they are people in every sense, as, after all, they are sensitive, they have sentiments they display discipline, and they treat others in a more or less ethical manner-certainly no worse than human do anyway, to say that they are the second most intelligent species after humans might not be going far enough.

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