desert safari dubai age limit

Desert Safari Dubai Age Limit

As leading experts City Smart Safaris, we allow supervised 1-year-olds for most Desert Safari Dubai offerings except dune bashing where the minimum age is 3 as per DTCM’s Adventure Tourism guidelines. With over 20 years of experience and Dubai’s most 5-star reviews, we expertly customize family-friendly vintage vehicle tours for ages 1-6 years and curate

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desert safari dubai how much does it cost

Desert Safari Dubai How Much Does It Cost?

Ever dreamt of soaring through sun-drenched dunes on a camel, a thrilling sunset painting the golden sands behind you? Welcome, fellow budget thrill-seekers and adventure buddies. Dubai’s desert safaris beckon, promising adrenaline-pumping escapades without breaking the bank. But how much, you ask? Fear not, weary explorer, for this guide demystifies the desert safari Dubai, how

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desert safari dubai packages

Dubai Desert Safari Packages

Beyond the glittering skyscrapers and buzzing souks, Dubai’s allure whispers from its golden desert heart. Imagine soaring dune crests in a 4×4, painted orange by the setting sun. Picture gentle camel rides amidst towering sands, and stargazing under a tapestry of a million stars. This, dear traveler, is the magic of Dubai desert safari packages,

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